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Makers of Kingston

Brand Storytelling Series

Client: Kingston Accommodation Partners (
Agency: Alphabet Creative


The Challenge:

What do you do when you get the opportunity to showcase the amazing creative talent in your own community?


In 2016, Alphabet Creative approached us with a concept for creating a new look for the Kingston brand. 

Alphabet developed a unique brand position for Kingston, defining the brand pillars as:
Culturally Vibrant
Constantly Evolving
Authentically Hip

The team at Alphabet then sent us out to come back with a look that would be visually distinct and separate Kingston from other destinations marketing.


Developing the Makers of Kingston


We wanted to only use in-camera techniques to  make the content not only unique, but have a distinct makers craft to their creation. After all, anyone can go out and buy a pack of filters and do it in post.

For authenticity, we chose to use handheld as the main camera, with a secondary camera using a technique called lens whacking (seen above). 

Lens Whacking involved detaching the lens from the camera and allowing light to leak onto the sensor. 

The result is a dreamy like image with soft focus that gives a film look. 

The values of the new Kingston brand positioning are represented in each story. 

The Makers are interviewed in an audio-only interview so that the visual focus is on what they create, while the auditory journey is on the story of their craft. 

The two senses together bring to life what is the Makers of Kingston


Creative Technique:

Principal: Handheld Camera
Secondary: Lens Whacking
Stylized Colour Grade

Interview Technique:

Real Stories, Real People
Focus on Authenticity
No Reenactments, Makers need to be Making

Brand Orange.jpg

Results: An Award-Winning Campaign


2017 Tourism Marketing Campaign Awards
Ontario Tourism Awards of Excellence

+1 MillionViews.jpg

The Makers of Kingston video series has been widely successful in boosting the recognition of the local creators both within and outside of Kingston. 

Through the integrated digital campaign developed by Alphabet, the videos have garnered over 1 Million impressions and 500,000 views on Facebook alone.

The videos were also a part of the Makers of Kingston campaign winning the 2017 Tourism Marketing & Travel Media Awards of Excellence, Tourism Marketing Campaign over $50K, showing that the content not only resonated locally, but was industry recognized as leading work.


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