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Taylor Leeder - Post-Production Supervisor/Editor

Keywords: Determination. Perspective. Creative. Supported. Inspire

I always thought that I wanted to be a musician. Piano was the only thing I really took seriously in school. But when I started to see my key-slaying future falling through the cracks I had some thinking to do about my career options.

Through music I had some exposure to video production and learned how closely the audio and visual worlds are connected. I tried many things: Camera Op, audio op, grip, production assistant, motion GFX. But I didn't feel a real calling until I started editing. I love the way a project comes together in the edit. When I get to take what starts as a bunch of clips and audio and be the one who crafts the story. To bring together all the elements and pieces that others have created.

And while I'm not slaying the kind of keys I thought I would, I'm loving what I do on a different type of keyboard.

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