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Maryam Remtulla - Producer

Keywords: Open. Adventure. Perseverance. Empathy. Warmth.

When I was little, my two favourite things were performing, and packing a suitcase.  They don't seem to have much in common at first but to me, they both meant one thing: That I was going to get the chance to tell a great story.  More recently, I've switched to the other side of the camera creating and producing films but what ties together all of these activities is my love of sharing remarkable stories with all kinds of audiences.  

Basically, I’ve always wanted to be a teller of incredible stories.  Specifically, I want to use this passion to give a voice to those who haven’t had the chance to have their voice heard.  Being able to share a story and the way it affects me and then see those same emotions reflected in others is what I love most about what I do.  And if I get to travel somewhere to do it then I’m one happy storyteller.

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