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Brody McMaster - Cinematographer/Editor

Keywords: Curiosity. Passionate. Authentic. Intruigued. Excitement.

After spending more than five years in the action sports world touring as a professional scooter rider, I decided I wanted to get more into the filming aspect. I was riding for a company called MGP Action sports at the time and after expressing interesting in doing media for them, they brought me on as their marketing coordinator and I started making ads for Amazon, Costco, Canadian Tire, and their own website. During this time I was attending school and learning more about film and cinematography. I knew I wanted to create content with meaning. After realizing what I wanted to do I moved on from the action sports world to create things that I believe have meaning and that can tell a story.

I like woodworking, film photography, shooting astro timelapses, and eating cheesecake.

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